We deliver our 4D services as part of the end to end BIM project process

4D & 5D Services

As a part of End to End BIM implementation methodology, CADS MAKE IT BIM also offers state of art 4D- Construction sequencing/Scheduling and 5D- Cost Estimation/Budgeting methods to its clientele at reasonable rates and quality delivery.

4D- Construction Sequencing

Our BIM Engineers here at CADS MAKE IT BIM have competence in delivering 4D planned construction sequencing and Construction time line simulation videos using Excel data sheets in Navisworks or Synchro for efficiently planning site developments, allied logistics and eliminating scheduling errors during the course of the project. We deliver our 4D services as part of the end to end BIM project process or as a standalone service tailor made as per customer requirements.

We work closely with the client base site engineers to help them take informed decision with digital Gantt Charts and phasing outputs for site logistics and planning during construction stage set against predefined time lines.

We create remedial 4D animation of building construction activities with timed duration and activities using latest software like Lumion & Synchro to visualize the progress and compare actual construction against planned.

4D BIM Service Inclusion:
  • Converting 3D BIM models to 4D sequencing outputs
  • Forecast completion and set milestones before initiating construction activities
  • Generating efficient RFIs for project related activities
  • Construction activity planning in real-time
  • Monitor and track activity progress
  • Extract IFC reports from as-built BIM models for data sharing

5D- Cost Estimation

Having credible experience and first class technology infrastructure, we work closely with our clients, on and offshore, requirements of cost mapping with BIM platforms. We use Autodesk Revit along with BIM cost estimating software for cost modeling of as-built building models and coordinate with Estimators and sub-contractors from the clients to keep the model and its related information duly updated as per the proposed cost structure. We also make sure that all cost related information are readily available in the model to extract during and post the completion of project.

5D BIM construction cost estimation service offerings:

  • Converting 4D BIM models to 5D for accurate cost planning
  • Tagging various building elements
  • Preparing BOQs, QTOs
  • Managing multidisciplinary projects with RFIs and other documents
  • Integrate fabrication/ Shop drawings with BIM models for accurate BOMs
  • Deliver BIM models in IFC open format to adopt design changes.