3D Rendering for interior & exterior design

BIM clash detection coordination

One of the key benefits of CADS BIM is the ability to spot 'clashes' at an early stage in your project where they should be much easier, cheaper and less time consuming to rectify.

CADS MAKEIT BIM helps companies and contractors apply BIM for clash detection and reduce the risk of human errors during model inspections - thus reducing amount of change orders during construction. CADS BIM has expertise working on clash detection services for plant rooms, building risers, prefabricated corridor and ceiling modules for health care, education, entertainment, commercial and mixed-use projects.

  • Detection of hard and soft clashes within MEP systems
  • Listing the identified Clashes for action
  • Modification of 3D models to comply with conflict free designs
  • Clash free and streamlined installation of MEP systems.