Working in mid to large scale Road Network projects across the UAE

Civil & Infrastructural BIM Services

CADS MAKE IT BIM Structural BIM Services include creating building information models from sketches, 2D CAD drawings provided by client and analysis, documentation in BIM. We assist our clients in effectively transferring the Civil & Infrastructural Construction documentation stage drawings (IFC) in to fully coordinated Shop Drawings (LOD 450) for delivery at site for execution. Added to that we closely work with the site team in establishing all As built information in the Drawings in a short span of time. We also provide Facility Management services (6D & 7D) post the completion of fabrication & As built stage (LOD 450& 500 respectively).

We have the experience of working in mid to large scale Road Network projects across the UAE and have been producing quality 3D models form 2D inputs provided by the clients.

We provide the following Modeling and Drawing Production assistance under Civil & Infrastructure;

  • Road Networks
  • Roads- Setting Out & Profiles
  • Road Cross sections
  • Chain-age & Road Level Markings
  • Cut & Fill Quantities
  • Civil Utilities detail: Manhole, Manhole cover
  • Trenches, Sump pits
  • Hard scape detail