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CADS is a global provider of products and services for construction-related industries. CADS was established in the UK in 1974 by Structural Consulting Engineers to develop, supply and support products for analysis, design and detailing of structural steelwork and reinforced concrete buildings. Since 2007, CADS has also achieved a market leading position in the UK scaffolding industry. CADS is developing cutting edge cloud and mobile solutions that will further enrich its offerings. With over 70,000 product licenses sold in 80 countries and through our design and detailing services, CADS is responsible for some of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in the world.

CADS employs more than 500 staff globally, the vast majority of those working from our India offices and we have been in business for over 40 years. There are more than 6,000 CADS customers who use over 50,000 copies of CADS software in 70 countries.

ISO Certified

Current Openings

Qualification :

Diploma/Bachelor’s in Architecture/ Civil Engineering


- Candidate should possess more than 3 years of experience in BIM- Architecture/ Structures.
- She/he should be able to manage and monitor the implementation of Supporting Software for BIM work environment.
- Should possess hands on experience in REVIT- Architecture/Structures & Navisworks (Latest Versions)
- The VDC Engineer should be well versed in creating Building Information Models (BIMs), i.e., 3D/4D/5D computer models / simulations for commercial construction projects using Virtual Construction and Design (VDC) tools and methods.
- Knowledge & hands on experience in Handling, Troubleshooting & Resolving queries raised through 3D model in REVIT & NAVISWORKS.
- Excellent on conducting Clash Detections and generating subsequent Clash reports for the same.

Job Responsibility

- Develop schematic level and detailed models based upon libraries of parametric or solid objects which may include structure, interior and exterior architectural elements, and building systems like mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
- Perform Model based coordination amongst different building systems using tools like Navisworks Clash Detection, Tekla, etc. Run BIM enabled coordination meetings between different trades (MEPF, Skin, Structures, Interiors, and Site). Produce clash detection reports to notify the coordination team.
- Perform Model Based Quantity Take-off and Costing. Integrate BIM with cost data base to automate model based costing process.
- Calculate quantities from 3 D models for material orders and crew work planning. Develop modeling protocols and standards to specify modeling criteria for BIM to be used for costing process.
- Produce/ Extract detailed dimensioned drawings for from the models.
- Excellent knowledge in developing and extracting Shop Drawings for various Architecture Fit out works from 3D model.
- Prepare, monitor and update 4D simulations of Master and Phase Schedules (using scheduling applications such as Microsoft Project & Primavera and 4D applications like Synchro, Navisworks).
- Develop high end renderings and walk through of 3D and 4D BIM for the purpose of pursuit of new work (proposals), construction site logistics visualization.
- Ability to perform various Quality Checks on the Models & Validate respectively.
- Ability to compare 2D and 3D data between the different versions to identify what has changed over a period of time between the files.
- Ability to take progress reports (e.g. Daily Progress Reports) and feed the information in the model to visualize progress in 3D and to validate quantity complete and billing information.
- Ability to add information and link documents to BIM for various purposes like: Facilities Management Costing and progress tracking.
- Ability to capture as-built information from equipment like Total Station and compare it with BIM to verify alignment and Quality Checks on construction put in place.
- Ability to export points from models for it to be used for field layout purposes.

Software Excellence


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Master/ Bachelor’s in Architecture, Building Information Modeling-BIM specialist

Job Description

- Candidate should possess more than 6 years of experience in BIM- Architecture.
- She/he should be able to manage and monitor the implementation of Supporting Software for BIM work environment.
- Should possess hands on experience in REVIT- Architecture/Structures & Navisworks (Latest Versions)
- Well versed in BIM standards/ Protocols (PAS 1192-2 & LOD Specifications 2017).
- Support the functioning of the project, Coordinate with the client/customers and distribute coordinated project documents to the Project Team.
- Train, Monitor and Scrutinize the day today activities of BIM Modeler/ Engineer to ensure the standards and protocols are diligently followed.
- Should be excellent in Troubleshooting & Resolving BIM related Design issues in 3D Model.

Job Description

- Manage current set of documents/ Drawings – understand, analyse and manage the versions of construction drawings on on-line cloud platform ensuring the latest and greatest is available to field team.
- RFI (Request for Information) Management – understand RFI content to identify appropriate details and portions of drawings impacted by RFI and link the same on the drawings; create, close and package RFI’s.
- Submittal Management – understanding the project specifications and interpret it to create submittal log. Proceeding to assist the project team in creating, tracking and managing the submittal on-line.
- Project Tracking & Document Management – Assisting the H.O.P (Head of Projects) in tracking and reflecting the cost changes (due to changes in Drawings, RFI or any other factor) on weekly basis.
- Analyzing Construction documents and Drawings – Collect and integrate data from multiple sources to create project reports. Maintain Data logs for all the processes being followed across projects. Converting written/ sketched data to digital Form as required by project/ platform.
- Initiating a New Project - Understanding any new Scope of work, processes and platforms coming up with a work flow and documenting it once approved with the project team. Can be followed by training concerned team members. Few examples of new scopes are On-screen Take-off, Submittal Review and Shop drawing review.
- Crisp communication with client/ Project team members overseas, in the medium of mails/ meetings for understanding the requirements and clearing issues for the respective deliverables. Also, distribution of construction documents and reports (RFI, Submittal, and Change Orders). Clear communication with peers in team for strong understanding of work flow.
- Tracking the quantity of requests from the client and the effort for deliverables
- Assisting H.O.P in creating estimates for new projects
- Creating/developing best practices and work flow and sharing them with team members


A flexible, detail-oriented team player with the ability to manage multiple tasks, produce quality work, and consistently meet deadlines.

Software Excellence


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As a member of CADS Software Solutions Division, you will be part of a growing company delivering superb analysis, design and detailing products for the engineering and construction industry. As a BIM Engineer, you will have a key role responsible for the specification, verification and support of CADS’ world-class BIM applications, whether for Structural Engineering, Detailing, Scaffolding or Bespoke software.

Working with the Product Managers, Product Analyst-Designers and Lead Engineers, you will have responsibility for the excellence of CADS’ BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. You will have a thorough, practical understanding of BIM processes, concepts, guidance and legislation, using this knowledge to inform CADS software development.

You will have a thorough practical understanding of BIM software, whether used as a development platform at CADS (such as Revit) or not, understanding their relative strengths and weaknesses, and assisting the Product Managers in identifying where successful CADS applications can be developed. You will then use your detailed knowledge to work with the Product Analyst-Designers and Lead Engineers to write software specifications, review and test the software, and assist with the resolution of issues during development.

You will also have a significant role in supporting customers in their use of the software, making your specialist knowledge available and assisting with second-line support.

As a BIM Specialist you must be well-rounded, possess maturity, an eye for detail, and a thorough grounding in Building Information Modeling and Civil and Structural Engineering.


The responsibilities of a BIM Engineer are

BIM knowledge and ecosystem component

o Keep abreast of BIM best practices and work with the Product Managers to incorporate them into CADS software. Understand BIM processes, published guidance, relevant legislation, adoption timelines and industry adoption case studies, and how they relate to CADS.

o Gain thorough knowledge of existing CADS BIM software in order to maintain and extend it and also to ensure consistency of approach.

o Have practical expertise in BIM software, whether presently used at CADS or not, including Revit and (for example) Tekla Structures and Nemetschek AllPlan. Understand their relative strengths and weaknesses and assist the Product Managers with the selection of appropriate BIM platforms and the identification of gaps in their solutions that could be filled with CADS software.

o Have an appreciation of relevant competitor BIM software (for example Structural Engineering, Detailing or Scaffolding software built on Revit by other developers), understanding its strengths and weaknesses and using this knowledge in the development of CADS software.

BIM software specification and design component

o Work with the Product Analyst-Designer and Lead Engineer to write specifications for CADS applications that build on or interact with BIM software.

o Have detailed, thorough knowledge of how to use each feature of the BIM platform and ensure this knowledge is shared with the development team, so that CADS software may be designed to work with the platform correctly.

o Have detailed, thorough knowledge of how to configure the BIM platform, for example to customize families in Revit, and use this knowledge to support the development team.

o Ensure the specified software will work in realistic situations, on realistic models, with a realistic range of user customizations (for example custom families) and considering the many varied ways that real users create models.

BIM software testing and support component

o Carefully review software builds, identify and resolve any issues with the Lead Engineer, and log bugs.

o Assist the development team with the resolution of issues related to BIM and BIM software.

o Ensure the BIM aspects of the software are correct and complete before the software is released.

o Assist customers, the CADS Support team and the Lead Engineer with the resolution of support issues that cannot be directly solved by the first-line Support team, particularly those that require specialist knowledge of BIM, Revit and related CADS software.

o Assist the Lead Engineer with the product launch and its successful adoption by customers.

o Revit, Navis manager, AutoCAD is mandatory


• Proven practical experience of 12 to 18 years in Building Information Modeling.

• Excellent communication skills (spoken and written) & interpersonal skills

• She/he should have high proficiency design knowledge of Electro Mechanical HVAC/Fire protection

• She/he should be able to revalidates MEPF design

• She/he should be to handle all Material submittal and consultant approvals

• She/he should be conversant in BIM /Fabrication 3D modeling and Clash co-ordination

• She/he should well versed with modeling and 4D simulation software

• Experience in coordinating international project

• Expert on Revit LOD specifications (200-500)

• Able to train / mentor the team on MEP Design and Project deliverables


• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

• Preferred additional professional certifications

LOCATION : Chennai

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